At mPower Green Tech, we have developed a game-changing technology which allows us to re-define power production: dispersed, hydrogen-economy-ready, prosumer-driven, generation of carbon-neutral, clean energy.

An ultra-compact plasma-catalytic reactor – SynGen – allows turning any gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon, such as natural gas or even the dirtiest gas from pyrolysis or gasification, with the highest tar and pollutant content, to clean synthetic gas in one step and with a minute amount of energy input.

The same plasma-catalytic technology is the foundation for our related applications – reactors which allows to produce the following types of CO2-neutral energy and products:

  • Green Hydrogen from natural gas without CO2, with high-value, super-clean, magnetic nanocarbon,
  • Synthetic Waxes and Fuels from waste natural gas flared around the world, and
  • Chemical-free removal of H2S from natural gas and biogases.
  • Green Hydrogen from biomass

Utilizing the power of our breakthrough SynGen, we have built an ultra-compact, mobile unit for the production of clean and affordable electricity and heat from waste: mPower200. The design is unmatched for its compact size, reliability, and simplicity of the process, as well as the cost of power produced.